Playout as a service

We know that broadcasters want smooth and high quality playout system for their channels. Control and playout are complex operations where large systems work flowlessly. We provide fully integrated system as a service for small and mid range broadcasters with technical and marketing functionality.

From SD to 4k formats

  • Process different types of audio and video codecs;
  • Subtitle insertion;
  • An option to edit the size and duration of video files;
  • Redundancy option on any level;
  • Picture-in-Picture Support;
  • Dynamic graphics insertion.

Additional services

  • Playout Hosting – Colocate your equipment in our facility;
  • Recording of the broadcasts for archiving purposes;
  • VoD Transcoding – offline automatic transcoding from different file formats for your video librabry and ready to stream the video content to HLS nodes or direct to customer;
  • Additional storage space for NAS (Network Attached Storage) content;
  • Control of audio levels in accordance with local regulations or audio levels of local television networks;
  • Channel Branding – We can create a logo and animated graphics for your project;
  • DVD, HDD, and FTP – supported media for the client’s content.


  • Pay as you go business model
  • Global connectivity;
  • Management of the project by professionals;
  • Recommendations and best practices;
  • Channel segmentation by Time zones or countries;
  • High reliability at our facility with dual and diverse power supply.

Pay as you go model

Channel playout – Full automation system for one channel SD, HD or 4K up to multi-channel playout system. SmartX playout will bring you the desire launch of your channel with Pay as you go business model.

IP/HD-SDI based playout system

We distribute your channels trought IP/SDI or other broadcast network standart protocols.

All with multi-channel audio, subtitles and dynamic graphics.

Terrestrial/Satellite/IPTV network or other DVB compliant broadcasting.

Distribution to OTT platforms. We can add your channel to platform build for you or any other third party OTT provider as your partner.

We can build your video application and stream your channels over the world.

Multi-channel audio

  • Support for different languages – each in a separate audio stream;
  • Timeshift broadcast if your content needs to be distributed to different time zones;
  • If you are an international operator, you can take advantage of broadcasting content-specific ads to a specifically targeted audience on the same channel at the same time;
  • Ability to insert logos and interactive graphics;
  • Full system redundancy and content protection;
  • 24/7 monitoring, control and maintenance.

Additional options

  • Tier 1 and Tier 2 connectivity with your TV partners;
  • Different level of redundancy – RAID/Hard drive redundancy + Network redundancy at the level of network interfaces.
  • N + 1 server redundancy depends on the scale of the project.
  • Our 24/7 monitoring ensure your broadcast channel in secure hands with an adequate real-time responce ;
  • Segmenting the service and Geo-blocking for different regions;
  • Content protection locates where the access to the Internet content is restricted based upon the user’s geographical location.