Is there a why to start own OTT service without huge investment and long time developing it?

Idea, design, drawings, deadlines …

By creating an entire ecosystem, you are offering a whole new product to your customers.

We understand what needs to be done, and for that reason, from the very first day our work starts at 100% and so on until the end of the project.

All the time we keep communicating and working with designers, developers, marketing and sales because we know that your business is just as important to you as ours to us.

We take the critical points seriously and understand the need for a side view.

Working in addition to coding requires a comprehensive vision of the product and its positives.

Always ready to show you our products and to share real deadlines for the implementation of your projects.


Technologies used

iOS SDK, Android SDK, AngularJS, HTML5/CSS3

Restful Web API in .NET, Node.js, JAVA, PHP.

MariaDB, MySQL, SQL Server

Mocha, Jasmine, Karma, NUnit

Benefits of OTT application development with us

High Qualiy

Beatiful code structure.

With only few comments on major features.


Beta version are critical bug free thanks to our testing team.


SLA and/or Second Level suport.

Let’s talk about it.


We scare when comunication is missing.

Give us comunication plan execution and take a rest until we processing the project to the final stage.


We give guarantee of six months after the end of the project.

Developing an OTT platform is a complex exercise that, in addition to the work, must have a clean vision.

With simple steps to a successful product.

We are ready to take on the challenge of making a brand new service for you that will really work as you wish.

We have done it and will do it again … for you!